About Us

Charles Nungesser

Charles has dealt with health challenges since he was very young. A severe food reaction at the age of one sent him to the Emergency Room in Anaphylactic Shock. His entire body had swollen to twice its normal size. Later his Allergist diagnosed him to be allergic to all foods except chocolate and onions. He would tease his family and say, “I can have all the chocolate covered onions I want.” Yeah, right. Yuck! When and where would his next allergic food reaction take place? Instead of meal time being a time of refreshment, it became a very difficult and tormenting time. Would his lips tingle and his throat itch with his next bite of food? Would his next meal start the path to the ER?

When he was 20 years old his throat became swollen around a piece of broccoli, and he could not breathe. A co-worker quickly used the Heimlich maneuver and saved his life. Charles was also an asthmatic. He could not leave the house without his inhaler. Physical activity, such as snowboarding in the cold, high altitude, was very difficult prior to a raw food diet. Now it’s a regular winter sport!

Since changing his diet, his food allergies and asthma are gone and he now enjoys a variety of physical activities. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, magnum cum laude, and is employed as a film editor and DVD author.

Coralanne Nungesser

When Charles and George started their one challenge to eat only RAW food, Coralanne had already been a Vegan for three years. Coralanne decided to try this conversion to an all raw diet as well. She considers herself the “chic flavor”¬†of the Top Raw Men.

Coralanne is currently a college student at Arizona State University, majoring in Elementary Education with a 4.0 GPA. She works part time at a children’s learning center. Her reputation of being a raw foodist in her community is well known. She has created raw food recipes for herself and friends and has contributed several of here favorite recipes to this book.

She has influenced others in this RAW lifestyle. The learning center where she works has a large staff. On a weekly basis large boxes of pastries are delivered for their enjoyment. A teacher commented to Coralanne that she had noticed Coralanne walked past the pastries without yielding to temptation. She said to Coralanne, “when you walked pass the pastries, you did not even look their way. I took strength from your actions and found that I could resist temptation too. Keep up the good work Coralanne.” It is always important to let your positive lifestyle be your witness. You never know when others are watching and receive benefit from your actions.

George Nungesser

George graduated, magnum cum laude, from Arizona State University 1995. After college, George pursed a career in aviation. In 1998, while working as a pilot in California, George began to investigate the world of nutrition. The more he read and compared the information with Charles’, the more George realized the positive impact that living food has on the body. George says that he and Charles decided to make a radical change in their diet. So George, Charles, and a friend decided to go on an all RAW plant based diet challenge for one year. They transitioned from a Standard American Diet to an all RAW menu in one day. If they did not see any health benefits after one year, then they would go back to pizzas, hamburgers, and chicken fried steak sandwiches. Well, after the one year challenge, they saw benefits and have been eating healthy ever since.

Many folks say that they could not eat a raw food diet because it is too difficult especially in this fast paced society. George is a pilot for a major airline and eats an all raw diet while traveling on a weekly basis for three and four days at a time. If he can do it, you can too!

After living the RAW lifestyle for two years, he found and married his honey dew, Kimbra. As a couple they continue to eat healthy because they believe that your health span is more important than your life span.