For many years I’ve been very interested in nutrition. So much so that I’d much rather sit and read a book that instructs and inspires me to eat, live and exercise right than to read a novel. Those interests came because both of my parents were health professionals. I followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a registered nurse. And because I was taught early to love God I wanted to treat my body well because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in me.

When I married and then later had two daughters, I worked hard at feeding our family healthy meals and I incorporated fruits, vegetables and whole grains into our diet. But it was not enough.

About 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she had surgery I helped her recover. This experience scared all of us and motivated me even more to learn what others said about keeping our bodies healthy.

That’s where a dear friend came into the picture. She and her husband heard Dr. Malkmus speak about the Hallelujah Diet in 1996. They donated two of his books to their church librarian who was my mother. Before the books were put on the shelf I confiscated them and read through them. First I read Why Christians Get Sick. And when I read God’s Way to Ultimate Health I was totally convinced I should remove the animal products from our diet.

The first improvement for me was a total healing of the painful bone spurs on my heels, which the doctor had been treating to no avail. Secondly, I started losing weight. After a few months, I started gaining some of the weight back. I now know that even though the animal products had been eliminated I wasn’t continuing to lose weight because I was still eating refined carbohydrates.

That summer of 1999 I heard about a weight loss class that incorporated a diet of 85% raw food and 15% cooked whole foods. I signed up for the class. The timing was providential because I had just been instructed by a doctor to see a surgeon for a questionable mammogram. I was very scared because not only had my mom had breast cancer, but her sister and mother had it also. I started eating the vegan diet the same week I saw the surgeon. Over a course of a year the ultrasounds showed that three of the cysts disappeared and no new cysts or negative changes occurred.

This way of eating really was the answer to my prayers and a dream come true. Over the course of 9 months I lost 50 pounds. Here is a list of other improvements I’ve experienced: more energy, lower blood pressure & resting heart rate, lower cholesterol, no PMS, a smooth transition into menopause, hemorrhoids diminished, fewer headaches, sciatica back pain is rare, healthy joints, swollen ankles a thing of the past, bronchitis and sinus infections gone, no more bloating after meals, and candida is almost gone.

I enjoy the potlucks started by the Top Raw Men! They inspire me with the support I need to keep on keeping on.

Suzanne E., age: are you crazy; women don’t tell their age



My name is Marie.  I was born in Aurora, Missouri on March 25, 1921.  I later married Loren from Rogers, Arkansas.  Soon after being married, my husband was sent off to WWII.  I did not see him for three years and missed him very much.  Upon his return, we settled in Sacramento, CA and raised two daughters and a son.

In June 1996, I heard Rev George Malkmus in Lodi, California give his testimony about overcoming cancer by simply changing his diet.  Changing his diet from a pizza loving Standard American Diet to a diet of 85% raw fruits and vegetables and 15% cooked whole foods.  One thing George talked about was acid reflux.  I had this condition and chewed anti acid tablets like candy for over 30 years.  George said, “you can get over acid reflux in 7 days by simply giving up animal products.”  Could his claim really be true and could I give up animal products for a whole week?  So being from the “show me” state of Missouri, I said to myself, “show me.”  With the encouragement of my daughter, Peggy, I took George’s challenge.  On the sixth day of the seven day challenge, I no longer had acid reflux.  Not only did I give up meat for those seven days, but I have been on the Hallelujah Diet and “tablet” free for over 15 years.

My daughter, Peggy, and her husband became Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers.  They showed me how to prepare healthy meals for my husband and me.  I didn’t miss the old Standard American Diet foods, but my husband would grumble about missing his meat.  The Hallelujah Diet dramatically improved our health.  My husband no longer needed his high blood pressure medicine.  Loren never had to take insulin for his pre-diabetic condition.  My husband has been with the Lord for a couple of years now.  I truly believe that his quality of life was lengthened by the Hallelujah Diet.  Early in our marriage we were separated by World War II.  We were married for 65 years; we are now separated again.

I will be 91 years young soon.  Actually I tell people that I will be 25 on the 90th day of March.  I recently passed my drivers license test with a 100%.  I drive to church, grocery shopping, the mall, and out to eat with friends.  I clean my house and prepare my meals.  A few years ago, Peggy and her husband, took me to the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was very exciting riding a para-sail with my daughter; riding on the back of a Sea-Doo with my son-in-law; and putting my toes in the sand at the beach with my great grandchildren.  Life is good!

Three of my grandchildren wrote the raw food recipe book, “How We All Went Raw.”  They call themselves the Top Raw Men; because they are in Top physical condition because they eat Raw food and are Men.  My granddaughter calls herself the “Chic Flavor” of the Top Raw Men.  I meet weekly for lunch at the raw food restaurant, The Green Boheme, with Liz, a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister in Sacramento, CA.  The other day another customer in the restaurant bought my grandchildren’s book and walked over to my table.  She asked me if I would autograph the book.  I asked her what she would like me to say.  She said to just sign it, “Top Raw Grandma,” so I did.

When I go to the doctor for my annual checkup, the doctor invariably asks me to name all the medicines that I am taking.  The doctor and medical staff are always amazed with my answer.  I tell them I feel healthy; have no pain; and take no medications.

I give the credit of my good health to Jesus leading me to the Hallelujah Diet.  Thank you, George, Rhonda, Paul, and Ann for teaching and living Genesis 1:29.  Amen.

Marie H., age 90 (Marie said after she turned 80, it was ok to tell her age)



At birth the doctors used forceps on my head, which caused the left side of my face to be paralyzed for a short time. At six years of age, a medical doctor removed my tonsils instead of telling my parents that my illness was from excessive use of sugar. Immediately after I awoke in the recovery room the medical personnel gave a high dosage of ice cream (very high in refined sugar) to “soothe” my throat from the bloody surgery. Later I learned that tonsils are one of the body’s filter systems and that their removal could shorten my life span by as many as ten years.

By the time I was a teenager, I was addicted to sugar to the point where I was eating up to 18 candy bars a day. I was also eating ice cream and sweet rolls on weekends. When I began taking pre-med classes in college, I learned that animals given sugar without beta carotene become droopy and eventually go blind. About this time I also had the beginning symptoms of arthritis. I began reasoning that it might be the sugar that was causing my problem. This was later verified by getting off the substance for three weeks, at which time the symptoms decreased. I also had strep throat, for up to six weeks at a time, for which the doctors gave me sulfa drugs. Needless to say, I no longer eat sugar products.

I continued to eat animal products, especially Swiss cheese, until I was 45 years of age when I acquired phlebitis. A couple of my friends, who had phlebitis, had to have parts of their lower legs amputated, so that was another wake up call. I got off Swiss cheese and all dairy and meat products, and within two years my phlebitis symptoms subsided. I still had a serious skin fungus which extended from my finger tips up to my elbows. A research doctor who uses natural methods suggested that I begin using omega-3 flaxseed oil, which caused the fungus to diminish and eventually go away.

I made the decision at age 51 to go to an all raw food diet, which my medical friends said would kill me by the end of the first year; but when I didn’t die they said I wouldn’t make it through the second year. When I did make it through the second year, they said I wouldn’t make it through five years, at which time they said I wouldn’t make it through ten years.

It has now been almost 16 years and I feel great-I did 85 consecutive pushups at the age of 65. And a number of my customers say I look younger each time they see me. I have no plans to drop the raw food diet, as I have discovered that the diet plan God gave us in Genesis 1:29 still works today. And who would know better than the One who made us what these bodies need to sustain life.

Eldean B., age 67 (men don’t mind telling people their age at any age)