Why do you only eat raw food?
We eat only raw food because we want to get all the possible nutrition from the food.  When food is cooked or altered by processing, then it is no longer in its most nutritious state.

When you eat only raw food, where do you get your protein and calcium?
We get our protein and calcium from the same place the elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, horses, and cows get their protein.  No one seems to wonder where the animals get their protein and calcium.  If we eat a well balanced vegetarian diet consisting of a large variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, then we feel that we are getting what we need.  You can check www.hacres.com for more information on this subject

Don’t you get tired of eating only salads?
Yes!  That is why we developed our own recipes.  Our family and friends liked our recipes and encouraged us to write a book.  And now, the world has another recipe book, How We All Went Raw.  We really like the book and the food, you will too.

Do you take any supplements?
Some people, whether vegetarian or meat eaters, may have a shortage of the B-12 vitamin.  So we take a good quality sublingual B-12/B-6/Folic Acid supplement.  The essential oils are very important to our body, too.  We use UDO’S CHOICE® Udo’s Oil DHA 3.6.9 Blend.  It is a blend of flax and other nutritionally superior oils.  We also take a high quality green barley powder, Barley Max®.   You can order a variety of great products directly from Hallelujah Acres at 800-915-9355.  Please tell them hello from us and that you heard of Hallelujah Acres from the Top Raw Men.  When you order, it would be appreciated if you would mention PIN #210.  Thank you.  We Tip our Top Hat to you.  There are more suppliments that you can consider, but that’s about it for our basic supplements.

What do you eat when you are traveling?
We seldom visit restaurants.  Instead, we go to the grocery store’s fresh food department.  What an enormous selection of great food.  When we do go to a restaurant, we like to order a large salad.  In our recipe book, How We All Went Raw, we have a “Letter to the Chef” giving him guidance on preparing a great raw salad.  Our parents use this letter all the time.  At one particular restaurant, the chef prepared for them a great tasting and great looking salad topped with edible flowers!  A chef has never refused our request.  I think chefs like to use their creativeness in making us a salad, instead of just preparing the same ole menu all the time.