Fettuccini NOT Alfredo

time: 20 minutes

In a bowl, add: 5 large zucchini
2   Portobello mushrooms, diced

Peel green skin off zucchini with potato peeler and discard. Continue peeling zucchini until reaching the core and save these peelings for the pasta. Mix the mushrooms in the bowl of zucchini.

Not Alfredo Sauce

Place the following into blender:
1    clove garlic
5    vine ripened tomatoes
¼   cup water
¼   cup fresh oregano
¼   cup fresh basil
1    tablespoon fresh rosemary
2    teaspoons cayenne pepper
1    tablespoon scallions
3    tablespoons extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
1    teaspoon sea salt

Blend sauce well.

Pour sauce over zucchini peelings and mushrooms.